3 or 4 software ideas



Hi everybody. First time here! Here’s my take on things:

The system should be as user friendly, yet flexible as possible. Building a custom kit within the app is a prime goal. I’m not too concerned about finely adjusting positions, as suggested elsewhere, but I would love to have a choice between 3 snares, 2 kicks, 4 toms etc…
Saving such a kit as a user preset would be awesome. Then a left-handed kit could be custom built and saved (as preset 2) for my weird left-handed buddy.
I feel that tying the app to other apps (GarageBand etc…) only invites complexity and confusion.
As it stands, the Sensor ware app is fairly confusing about left/right hand switching. This all could be scrapped with custom kits!

Secondly, I feel that the left foot should control high-hat position (like normal) if possible.

Third, once sensors have initially been registered with the app, from then on could they all connect automatically at the same time? Individual connection is cumbersome.

Finally, it would be nice if the documentation could be a little more idiot-friendly (for me) in terms of the calibration modes of sticks. I understand the initial calibration, but ‘pausing every so often’ needs to be explained more fully so users can get the most out of the system.

My selfish demands are done now.

Overall, I’m loving the concept. Very exciting. The sensors appear to work pretty well. I feel the user experience can only be enhanced with software tweaks. I fully realize that this is a system still in development, so will have patience. It’s tough though :wink:



1.) We are working on this.
2.) You can already control the hi-hat with your foot. Just enable your Sensor as a foot unit and then angle your foot to the left.
3.) They will auto connect within Sensorware if you tick the “Auto connect” checkbox. Making the Sensors auto connect to for example your computer is sadly something we cannot control.
4.) Documentation is a living project and will be updated regularly.

5.) Thank you for your input. We try to listen as much as possible from our users. Your feedback is very appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks Frederik. It sounds as if you are on the right track by my reckoning. Carry on, sir!


While I understand what has been said above, it would be fine if you make an app with a customisable drum kit, but please keep it all working as standard midi devices so we can use any other app we wamt. The open system is what makes freedrum great!


Todd, brilliant feedback. Spoken for a lot of us.

Frederik, I am fairly certain that most of what’s been said around is already a work-in-progress at your end. Android user, yet to play the sticks properly, Stomper never works and freezes. Have to check the new update. Nevertheless, thank you for taking feedback. With regards to #1, I think its hasty to ask so soon but:

  1. It’ll be great if it has a built-in play along function with a continuously updating library of drumless tracks and ability to record as well so we can listen and improve.

and, recording should be a function on any type of playing.


Here is a hint for the hi-hat question:
As I am used to play the hi-hat in a relaxed left foot position, I turned my left foot a bit to the right when doing the occasional re-calibrating (press sensor switch once).
This lets the relaxed straight position become the hi-hat. Double base is still available by turning the left foot inwards.