A different way to play with the sensors

Hi all! I have discovered that its way more responsive if i remove the drum sticks and just hold the sensors in my hands. as for the feet the elastic band just cuts my blood and after a while its hard to keep them on so the solution for that is just to wear flip flops and to place the sensor in between the foot and the shoe. another solution for that is just to insert the sensor into some elastic socks and wear them like that haha. let me know if you try it and if you think it works better.
PS: i havent went through the entire forum to check if anyone suggested anything like this. so sorry if there is someone that already sugested this.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the post! We have designed the sensors to be used with sticks. We recommend adjusting them on the sticks up or down depending on what works best for you! :slight_smile:

Yes, the elastic is snug to make sure the sensor doesn’t move around too much, and it is best used with sneakers, shoes, slippers, or flip flops as you mentioned! :slight_smile:

Hi Seyran!
thank you for the reply! i was trying to help fellow users that struggle with the sensors and how they work.
yes i understand that they were designed like that but for me they just feel wrong that way + air-drumming with extra weight is not that fun for my wrists. i am just saying that i got better results when i removed the sticks + i can stay super close to my desk and i cant hit anything by mistake.
also for the foot i meant i dont put my foot through the elastic. since the foot angle doesnt really matter because its pretty much 2 angles i get a normal result by using it like i suggested and it doesnt feel like something is cutting the blood in my toes.

Hey Alex!

This is fantastic and a very quick turnaround with image and example!

Brilliant points you brought up! We know that in the past some Freedrummers have even cut down the drumsticks to be “travel versions”.

Hi there !!
Yeap, I do agree in the concept without sticks.
Regarding the foot sensor, in between of a pair of socks works fine.

; )

Cheers !!


Thanks Berria for trying it out!
The one thing that could be improved design wise on the stickless sensors would be an easy to press reset button for when it eventually drifts that is located closer to the index finger and right under the thumb. thats the only inconvenient part when playing stickless with the sensors, its kinda hard to press and inconvenient in position when you need to reset quickly.