A solution for drifting? A suggestion for relaunch


Hi freedrum,
I just read an article about a kind of comparable product - the mi.mu gloves seem to have solved the drifting problem
Here’s a quote from the article:

A redesigned IMU (inertial measurement unit) helps ensure the gloves always know where they are in three-dimensional space. The prior models often needed to be told which way the performer was facing to avoid errors creeping in. …Drumming on a virtual kit, you can pretty much pretend that you’re Phil Selway, with line after line of drums in front of you.

Maybe it’s a question of budget and can’t be achieved with low cost sensors?

Here’s the link to the
article on mi.mu gloves on engadet

Originally they planned to open source the gloves but they seem to have changed their approach.

I’d rather buy a freedrum 2.0 which solves the drifting problems in the product and not by restricting the way the user has to play (exact angles). Maybe it’s time to think about using different technology and to aknowledge that some things can’t be solved 100% with the current product as there are limitations?

By the way, you should think about the hihat/foot-sensor as well. Maybe this can only be solved if the sensors communicate with a stateful hub which sends the right midi messages to the phone etc.

(I just learned from another forum entry that freedrum applied for bankruptcy? I hope that there’s a successor and that they plan to develop something new that’s working out of the box. I still like the idea of the product which could be a success if it would work flawlessly.)