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I just tried the new app update but it seems that the sensors are not detected.

The phone detects the sensors from the “Bluetooth” menu of the system but the application does not display them in the list.

i have a Nexus 6P with android 8 stock, just formatted.


Hi, Tried the September 15 version of the Android App. Results not good:

  • Samsung Note 3
    with LineageOS ROM Adroid 7.1.2 (alternative ROM so no support I guess but a fairly clean Android: App Crashes when I start everytime also after reboot phone. The previous version of the App did start and could connect the Freedrums most of the times but no midi popup in G-stomper. So no sound.
    Edit: Api level 25 checked with “My Device” app

  • Samsung Tab S2, Android 7.0, Original Samsung
    Sensorware starts but does not see the Freedrum stick. If I remember correctly the previous version showed a message that it was searching for sensors. Did not see it in this version.
    At Android level I can pair a Freedrum stick, Led goes green for one second but then back to pulsing blue.
    Edit: Api level 24 checked with “My Device” app


Edit 20170916: A little more progress
The Android App worked better on a loaned Samsun Galaxy S5 with Android 6.0.1.
With the App I could upgrade the firmware to V5.
After that I could get connection with the Note 3 within Sensorware but unfortunately no sound after enabling Drum Synth.

Funny: both the S5 and Note 3 have the Sept 15 version of the App but the menu is different.
Galaxy S5

When starting G-stomper on Note 3 there is no pop-up for a new midi device (Note 3 is very old but has BT 4.0LE).

I hope the information helps improving the App.



1st version of Sensorware

Wileyfox Spark / Android 7 - no sensor coupling
Galaxy Grand Prime / Android 5 - works but naturally with latency (Android’s fault)

new version from Sep, 15

Wileyfox Spark / Android 7 - App shuts down right after starting
Galaxy Grand Prime / Android 5 - PlayStore says : “App not compatible with this hardware”

That means there is NO chance for me to update the sensors (V3), because on none of my Android devices the Sensorware is running. :poop:


Funny : same with Windows 10 - just to mention.


I have the same problem as oeps: I get to match the sensors with my Bluetooth, but after one or two seconds that the LED goes green, it turn to blue again and I don’t get any response in the Sensorware app.


I have the same problem. I have paired my sensors with my samsung galaxy tab S, but the sensorware app doesn’t detect them.
I have tried to configure the G Stomper app but it works very erratic. I appreciate more detailed information about the many parameters that are necesary setting up properly.


even with the new app update, the problem remains


Started drifting the hand sensor with this update


The new Sensorware software released on Friday will not start because every time I launch it, the app will stop instantly.
Samsung Galaxy S Tab, Android: 6.0.1 but I can not see the API number anywhere, but that’s not because I can not change it.
Interestingly, the previous version was opened and the sensors worked okay - only G-Stomper did not communicate with Sensorware - and with me.
(Right now, I’m getting farther or farther away from the solution… : )
Thanks for helping anyone out there.

Best wishes to everyone:


Hi; got my freedrum kit last Friday and am desperate to get it working, but I cannot even download Sensorware, as I get the message “Your device is incompatible with this version”. I have Android 6.0 running on a bq Aquaris 4.5 and a broken heart. Any help welcome!