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I downloaded and installed the app. Open, I can connect the sensors but on the screen I do not leave the “Check for Sensorware Update”


this is what I see


Hello guys, no one can help me with the problem I wrote on it? :pray:



I’ve noticed a small grey line at the bottom of the screen, so I guess it’s just hidden there? Can you scroll to see that button? If not, seems the layout doesn’t fit for small screen sizes or so. Should be in a scroll view probably :slight_smile:


Hi all.

I tried to connect the sensors to a new ios device (iphone/itouch) etc and neither device recognises the sensors. I was in the offical Apple store in melbourne. Is this because to recognise the sensors the sensorware app has to be installed? This may be a dumb or silly question however I’m wondering if its also that all devices in the store are now ios 11?

I’ve managed to connect the sensors via a iphone 6 of a friend and made the sensors work, then played via garageband which was awesome! However I’d like to know this is going to work before I drop some coin on a new device.