Add-hoc space between pads level

Hi Team,
as remarked in the forum several times …
it is annoying … mistakes again and again hitting the two levels of pads in a wrong way …

: (

Please, release a new version ASAP in order to select the position of the pads as desired !!
Make this great gadget better and better !! Go for it guys !!

: )

Many thanks !!

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Absolutely, I am a fairly toll guy and I can’t play the free drums… the 2 levels are too close for me to play without hitting the other level by mistake…

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Thanks for your post Pierrot !!

I do agree on this. I believe the gyroscope can allow the sensor to trigger at different angle sideways and height.

Playing height of 100 degrees and width of 180 degrees. There’s a possibility of 3 levels in height with 30 degrees each. The width can also be set to 45-60 degrees each pad.

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Let’s hope that kind of pad’s layout !!