After V8 UPDATE! [Solved]


Since the new V8 update came out for a while, there have been no notification about it.
It should have been on New and announcement.

After update, I can say it’s good!.
Hitat/Cymbal interruption solved.
Whenever cymbal comes, I feel hitting over the head.
It is better though. I am setting into it.

Drifting still does exist.
Playing fast over a minute, position gets missing from up to down and from the right to the left.

Latency: Did you guys do something on it?
I feel more comfortable. Am I just feeling like it?


Hello David,

Thank you for the feedback! We are still hard at work for a fix on drifting, but happy to know the hi-hat/cymbal is working better for you.

No improvements to latency, but it could be the hi-hat fix that could be playing a part in this. :slight_smile:


There are also other potential influences on latency that I have found, that may have changed for you pre and post v8.
For example, I found playing through standard UEBoom almost no latency, but unbearable on the UEMega.
Also, using standard iPhone lightning-to-auxiliary adapter had no affect on latency, whereas the Belkin lightning-to-auxiliary, combined with second lightning port to allow for simultaneous charging of the phone definitely had a negative impact on latency.


No latency added.


Latency added (ie makes it worse) with this adapter.

Therefore, main message is there are many influencing factors I have found on latency, not just firmware.


Great points to bring up Robin! Yes, we use the Google Pixel and iPhone dongle in the office with no notice of latency, but it definitely could be for 3rd party dongles. Something we will also look into.

The UEboom information is interesting. We usually steer customers away from using bluetooth speakers unless they are directly connected. Since it is already using Bluetooth to go from the sensor to your device we have always experienced latency.


Thanks Seyran,
Agree, Bluetooth speakers will have too much latency using Bluetooth connection between the phone and speaker.

For further clarity, the above example I found between the different UE speaker products was after first disabling the Bluetooth connection to these speakers on my phone (only trying one speaker at a time)…Ie Settings—> Bluetooth —> select the speaker and Disconnect Bluetooth.

I then had a hard wire connection between iPhone and UE speaker, using the standard lightning-to-aux jack and cable.

Different speakers and different adapters provided different results.

hardwired to the following speakers.

  • UEBoom good result, a little latency added.

  • UEMega, poor latency (could depend on firmware of the speaker so try for yourself if you have one but way too much for my liking)

  • BoseS1 Pro, good result, little/no latency added.

  • Bose Home Audio, via front aux jack, OK but not the best, added a Noticable amount of latency but bearable.

  • Bose Noise cancelling headphones, great result, little/no added latency and great sounds you don’t hear otherwise, especially base (ie try with any good set of headphones and the experience is more realistic)

  • standard iPhone adapter OK, multi adapter NOT (as per photos above)

Hope this helps.
Encourage people if they find something useful to feed it back, but of course try different things for yourself.