All about drifting


As it seems to be a recurrent topic on the forum, and as I have periodically been experiencing it myself, I wanted to discuss “drifting”, clarify the current state, list possible remedies & useful resources, and gather answers. :slight_smile:

N.B.: If you are experiencing “drifting” Freedrums, please don’t give up and read on. I hope this thread will help you in some way. Also, note that it seems some people managed to get their Freedrums to work well for them.

Current state

First and foremost, to the people behind Freedrums, could you please:

  1. Clarify which factors could lead one to experience their Freedrums to “drift”?
  2. What are the currently known technical issues (if any)?
  3. What are the current myths regarding “drifting”?
  4. What are the current realities in terms of calibration, re-calibration, algorithms, settings, etc.?
  5. Is there anything in the pipeline which could help users regarding this?


Now if you are experiencing “drift”, the following may help:

  1. Updating to the latest firmware (v9 as-of writing this).

  2. Following the advice from these official tutorials:

  3. Preventing any erratic movement of the sensors using sticky tape or rubber bands.

  4. Hitting your drums with a consistent strength to prevent some auto-adjusment:

    Question: Is this still relevant as of now / v9 firmware?

  5. Simply… getting used to your Freedrums :sweat_smile::

Advanced configuration

Besides what is configurable in Sensorware and in the Freedrum application, the following advanced configuration tools may also be useful:

  • (official tool; as of writing this, the link doesn’t look functional anymore, but running the source code locally works; source code)

  • (non-official tool, by Asgvard; as-of this post, works at least under Chrome for macOS; source code)

Given there currently isn’t any documentation for the settings these tools expose, could someone familiar please clarify these, and how these may help (if at all) w.r.t. “drifting”? :slight_smile:

Thank you! :bowing_man:

  1. Many things can cause this. For instance, playing in the wrong zone you have designated for the instruments. Hitting the sticks against each other. Rotating the sensor on your drumstick.
  2. We know that users have issues with this, but it isn’t something we would categorize as an issue. We know from users practicing and spending more time with the product that this becomes a non-issue.
  3. Not so much a myth about drifting. We know some users were so frustrated that they claim it NEVER worked for them at all. This is due to frustration while setting up which we completely understand. Granted that Freedrum is a new product so these are things that are expected when starting to use a new product.
  4. We are currently working to see if we can find something that would help the experience. Calibration we recommend once you notice the sensors have adjusted to your playing.
    ​5. As of right now we can not say much on something in the pipeline. We have been hurt in the past by promising by certain dates. As I mentioned above we are looking into a possible solution and of course, once we have an update everyone in the community will be the first to know.

This was from our email exchange I have posted here for everyone. Thanks for reaching out to us @marccarre

Keep on rockin’