Android devices known to have issues


Thx. Although Bluetooth pairing is successful but can not be used


I am trying to connect freedrum to my Sony Xperia z5 compact on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). Looks like I can see it in the bluetooth menu but cannot see the devices in the sensor ware app. I can connect/play via my macbook without any issues. Please help as i signed up as a kickstarter to be able to play with only my phone and not needing to carry my laptop! I have gone through tutorials and uninstalled app/reset devices but nothing is working.


Why is this happening?


Thank you for the video. We are looking into this now and have sent you a email directly.


Also add Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) model in this list.

Not sure if they will solve these issues or not.


I have sent the message in the past, but did not get the answer



Please check your email. I have emailed you but did not receive a response.

Thank you.


When is my merchandise received?


Do you guys have a test for sony z3? I can not sense the sound after downloading your sensorware


I have to spend money for an iPhone just for using it. I am not satisfied.


i just want to know whether it works on xiaomi note 5 pro?
can u tell philip


We have not tested it with that device so we can not say for sure. We do have a 14 day return policy if you wanted to test it out yourself.


if so once u can test and give the status whether is it working or not


is freedum works for xiaomi redmi note5 pro?


Hello Nitish,

We have not tested that device as we said earlier. We have not seen it come up in the forums either.