Android Feedback

Hi there, I would like to share my experience of playing using android app Sensorware on my Pixel.

Latency is really nice, i have not heard any delay or whatsoever.

Currently my biggest problem with the app is that I can’t regulate the sound level of each virtual drum, for me bass drum sounds too soft(I want to play softly without hitting the ground like an elephant but also would like to hear clear hit). I would like to be able to make sound level of bass drum constant. Also I often hit hi-hat in a wrong way, so it produces stale sound instead of short one, I would like to regulate that too(particularly left only short hi-hat sound). Also when I hitting only bass drum with some tempo i hear weird echo that bass drum produces when it is overlaps leftover sound from a previous hit.

P.S I’m just a beginner and my experience could be only my personal observations and needs.
By the way is it hard to connect your freedrums to PC(windows 10) and write my own program for playing freedrums? I have an experience of coding using Python and from a quick search i see that there are some modules that work with midi input.

Hi Slava, to address some of your questions just from my experience playing Freedrum over a year now (jeez time flies), and only using iOS /Windows.

Are you using Sensorware app or Freedrum (assuming both available like on iOS)?
Ie using Sensorware to connect sensors, then a separate DAW (eg Garageband or Reaper)?

If using the Freedrum App, with their own drum kit, at the moment sounds are limited as they are developing that program. In iOS just 1 kit for now.
I use Sensorware connected to GarageBand on my iPhone and can select approx 10 different acoustic drums, plus many more electronic.
Therefore each kit sounds different (ie some more bass than others).

I also found a huge difference depending on the speakers or headphones you use. Eg heaps more bass and high end clarity with a good set of Bose headphones. Much more realistic sounds.

If using the Freedrum app, there is also individual drums and Master volume control in the Mixer settings under drum kit. Ie you can boost the base if you want or other individual drums.

On the foot rebound sound, I found I need to put it on my foot securely or if on a slight angle I hear the unwanted rebound. Poking the sensor into your laces also seems to work well, just keep it as flat as possible (try playing around with different angles and remember to reset the sensor).

With practice and keeping to the advised angles as accurately as possible, all of the above improves.
Especially v8 on sensors, it’s great!!

Programming your own app…would encourage anyone with the skills, but might take a while to get your head around things. Imagine Freedrum guys are very busy developing the App etc so your likely on your own, with help from those interested on the forum.

Good luck!

I was impressed with your detailed reply. Will try to take your suggestions, thanks.
I’m only android user, I don’t have any IPhone or Macbook so i feel kinda limited when I`m trying to play with freedrums.

Hello Slava,

Our Freedrum app right now is still in beta and we are compiling feedback I will forward the information you provided.

Hi @Slava

We love this kind of feedback. We will review what and try to see what we can do :slight_smile:

We do have Sensorware for Windows 10 which you can use to connect Freedrum to your own DAW of choice.

Some fresh experience on current version of the app

Looks like there is a memory leak in sensor connection causing them to drop off.
Steps to reproduce:
(Still using Pixel)
1)Freedrum app is open in a background
2)For example Google photos app is main window currently and you playing at the same time.

Actual result: All sensors connection drops off after some time of playing. Easy to fix after switching back to Freedrum app and reconnecting the sensors, but very annoying.
Expected result: I should continuously play with any other app opened as main window without any sensor connection drop off.

Also application buttons to configure drums are not very user friendly I wish I had a slider buttons instead of circle buttons, sliders may be bigger than those circle buttons but you can put them in flyout menu from the right to save some space and clear the view.

Also I wish I had an ‘option for beginners’ to bind only ONE particular drum to each sensor, thus I will not be able to mistakenly hit snare drum when I’m playing on a hi-hat with my right hand in too low position.