Android latency


Android, although being pretty damn good mobile OS, has a few shortcomings compared to IOS. And Freedrum pretty much falls victim to multiple of them:

Audio latency.

Until recently, there hasn’t even been a “pro audio” API on Android and that means we can’t really get good, low latency on many devices. Have a look here for a slightly depressing read:

Bluetooth MIDI.

Bluetooth MIDI uses the newish Bluetooth LE model, and that’s notoriously shaky on Android. It also has some inherent latency (7-15ms) which is a pretty long time when you want to hit a drum. There is however one thing you can do on some phones that might fix the problem: Turn off WIFI! Yes, no kidding, this sometimes helps, even on high-end phones.


Is there any chance that you will add support for the new “pro audio” API into the Sensorware app? I would really be interested to see how big of a difference it will make.

If you weren’t planning on adding support would there be any chance of open sourcing the apps so the community could contribute? I’m a dev myself and would be interested in contributing. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I’ve looked and not found anything.


I don’t think that using that Pro Audio API will improve things unfortunately. We’re already using Superpowered for audio to get low latency. But of course, if you can, please prove me wrong :slight_smile:


How are you using superpowered to lower the latency? . I’m being dumb & can’t get it to install


What exactly are you trying to do? We’re using superpowered only for audio autoput (no effects or other fancy stuff)


I just want to try to get the latency smoother.
I did download superpowered as per the link but just got a load of files and no install option. A bit stuck on how or what to do with them etc.


You can’t do anything with it. The Devs use it in their software to handle the latency.