Angle Adjustments


I find that when I’m hitting the high hat or snare that the crash or high Tom will sound from time to time instead. I think I’d rather increase the angle used to trigger the crash high Tom and ride. I’d love to be able to adjust these angles to my liking. I’d also like to adjust the left and right angles too now that I’m thinking about it. I usually play my snare with my left arm slightly aiming to the right which then picks up the low Tom.


I agree.
But you can adjust the horizontal angle when you calibrate the sensors. I hold the right stick straight in front of me and the left one about 10° to the right.


I’ve only played around with it for a couple of hours so far, but I feel really uncomfortable with how low the bottom layer of drums is. I understand that with a real kit a snare is probably in that area, but when my hands are floating about, that -10 vertical angle is really not doing it for me.

If I could change where the sweet spots are, I would start by just bringing everything up by like 10 degrees, so that I can play the bottom layer more consistently without leaning all the way down past -10, into -15, or -20, where just like… no. I might also move the sweet spots further away from eachother, and maybe leave a chunky gap between drums where nothing sounds to see how that feels.


Completely agree here. After playing for some time I always start hitting the crash where the hihat should be. It would be excellent if the angles could be adjusted.

Does anynody know whether the reference drum concept is also working for the vertical angles?


It works a little differently but basically yes, you also get a kind of reference thing on vertical angles to prevent drift.


@August, am I right in thinking we currently have two things affecting drift … One being the hardware drifts a bit on its own, and the other being that you’ve programmed the software to adjust the position of the whole playing area if we don’t hit in the centre of the reference zone?


Well, yes, except the second thing isn’t really what we call drift. The whole purpose of the reference drumming is to eliminate drift, but of course, depending on how you play you might perceive that as another kind of drift :slight_smile:


Thanks, are you working on eliminating the first without having to use the second eventually?


Now we’re moving into the business secrets area… :slight_smile: no comments


Fair enough, oooops! :wink:


Many thanks, August.


I still feel so uncomfortable playing. My high hat is never as low as my snare. It’s higher and it feels so unnatural to play the high hat at a -10 angle. I end up just hitting the crash consistently. With the high hat being the part of the kit that I hit THE MOST, this has to be the most frustrating part of the experience.



Try to hold the drumstick with which you usually play the hihat a little higher when you press the led button. Therefore the standard height should be a little higher than the snare-drumstick and should not hit the crash so often.


I’ve tried that. Seems like the calibration only works for horizontal calibration but not vertical. I can calibrate the completely vertically but they’re still going to adhere to the -10 to 0 angle for lower drums and 0 to +25 for the higher drums


Hm, too bad. Then unfortunately I only think of the possibility to get used to playing in a downward sloping angle, i. e. holding the height, but tilting the wrist downwards.


Or to raise your chair or seat.


:man_facepalming:t2: Or maybe Freedrum could make an update. That’s probably a more ideal solution.


Yeah guys, it’s coming soon, working on it!


This is what I’m talking about!!! Thank YOU!!!


Only had my sticks for a couple of days and I thought this was just me - constantly hitting crash due to vertical angle being too low on hi-hat… Apart from the killer regular drifting this is just spoiling the whole experience… so a button reset for each stick to set vertical AND horizontal… AND for the reset to work for each stick independently would sort it ALL out (providing the drift is fixed :wink: