Assigning any sound at any position


Will it be possible to assign different drum kit or any percussion sound to different position as per my use.
Like if i want that i want a different snare sound in the position of floor tom so that i have two snares one in front of me and other in right and also if i just want to swap sounds of ride and crash.
I hope this feature gets updated or if its possible now then how can i do that?


Freedrum just generates midi notes. If you use a midi capable app like sonar, reaper, cubase, logic etc you can create kits that use your own sounds.


You might check out this tutorial.

Once Reaper and the plugin is set up, you can change the MIDI mapping (inside the plugin settings)

However, for very specific changes (different snare sounds etc) you should maybe go for a more professional drum VST (which won’t be for free of course).


Thanx for this :blush: I tried some experimentation and found the midi mapping on my VST Addictive Drums 2 , Now i am able to calibrate each sensor with type of sound i want,Now i am able to assign various percussion sounds as well to the position of my choice of the available positions :grinning:
Will Post a video of setting it up if someone needs .:blush:


Here is an example how it can look like: