Can you buy the foot sensors apart


I havent bought it yet, im thinking of it, but idk if im convinced enough to buy the whole kit, so can i buy the beginning one, and then buy ONLY the foot sensors?


Technically all the sensors are the same, just programmed as feet or hands, in firmware through Sensorware app. Therefore you could buy the starter kit twice (and make your own straps for the feet). Or email Freedrum and see what they can do.
I’d just get the full kit, it’s so much fun to play.


I bought the complete kit and it consisted of two separate and identical boxes that each one had two sensors and the required straps for both sticks and feet. I don’t know if that is new or not. I do not like the foot straps because they are too small for my feet. If barefoot, or with socks, they are so tight they cut off the circulation in my feet and with shoes I have to stretch them to the extreme limit just to get them over my shoes. I am looking to get some Velcro straps that will probably work better.