Cannot connect to sensors - Samsung s6 Active ( Android 5.1.1 )


I tried every tutorials and tips from Freedrum website and in the forum as well but my phone still cannot connect to my sensors. My phone cannot find the Sensorware app. in Play Store, so I had to download an Apk one. Then it detected my sensor, but, after update, my sensors didn’t work. I felt disappointed now. Hopefully, someone could help me deal with this.



The reason you don’t see the app on Google play is most likely because your device is not supported. Your phone needs to support Bluetooth Low Energy, and midi over Bluetooth.

Did you try the beta for Android?


I have downloaded the sensoreware beta.
But the can not compatible with my phone.
Why do that .
I have the Samsung Galaxy note4.


I have the galaxy note 4.
But several times have been downloaded the firmare v6.
But can not hear the each sound.
Only can hear the left stick.and the right foot.
But need the galaxy s8.
Please send us your favorable reply.
Thank you.