Can't change from stick to foot in app on Iphones? [Ongoing]


Hello, does anyone know a solution to this? I have an Iphone 8 and Iphone 5 se and on both I am unable to click the box to change sensors from stick to foot ( in the freedrum app) . It seems too small and the reverb button is off the screen as well. I have updated all my sensors and apps but nothing works so I have been unable to even use these as a kit. Thanks in advance!


Have you tried deleting the app and redownloading? We have tried to see the same issue on our devices, but were unable to see the same thing.


Send us an email at so we can better assist you.


Hello, we have the same problem with an iPhone SE, we are not able to change sticks to foot in the application. Is there any solution yet ??


We are aware of the issue and looking into it. We will have more information once we have updates from our side.


Thank you! It’s well worth the wait. Sometimes kinks have to be worked out. This is a new and highly innovative product so I am looking forward to it. Very happy with the customer service at FreeDrum!