'Can't write to sensor' in sensorware

Hi there,

Using a new phone on Android 9 and sensorware from play store, I have this error all the time now so I am unable to change from 6 to 10 zones in sensorware.

Also, after updating firmware or doing firmware reset(tried updating from red light) and from yellow light if I remember well the colors), I lost the RIMSHOT, the open hi-hat(when stick on the side) and the ride BELL.

I was able to get the open hh + ride bell + rimshot back after pluging on my pc and getting back on the cell phone, but that way I don’t have access to toms anymore when using the computer, so to solve this I send the correct configuration to the sticks from within sensorware on the computer, and that’s it if I want to lose the open hh &nbell & rimshot.

When I do a firmware update again from android sensorware app, I get the functionalities again but always have only 6 ZONES, when I try to make it 10 zones it says ‘CANT WRITE TO SENSOR’ or ‘GAT ERROR’

Any suggestions would be welcome, I’m doing very impressive stuff with the sticks and will soon be able to publish some cool music videos(and probably tutorials for other french people like me) but I cannot really move forward in mixing my work to show the world :stuck_out_tongue: unless I get at least this issue solved :confused:

Let me know if you have any tips, suggestions.

I use a brand new phone with android 9.0 + have a win10 64bits pc with onboard bluetooth(ROG gamer tour)

Thanks very much in advance