Change note length?

Is there a MIDI command to change the length of the note that Freedrum controllers generate? Right now, the note-off follows so fast in some cases that I get inconsistent results playing tuned percussion (or anything melodic). I can get around this by filtering out note off messages but then the notes can “ring” too long. It would be great to be able to control the length of the note that is generated.

Actually, now that I play with the sensors a bit more, I can detect that notes get clipped sometimes in the middle zone only. I figured this out by using Midifire to adjust the length of the note offs to create longer notes. It worked with the angled zones but I still get clipped notes in the middle zone intermittently. Perhaps this can be adjusted via MIDI commands?

I’m using the sensors on my feet to trigger six different MIDI notes, which is very fun!

At the moment we do have any configuration for notelength. But it’s a good idea and we will consider it in the future :slight_smile: