Cheap drum kit for practicing at home (Alesis vs. Freedrum + drum set)

I have a pretty low budget (100$-300$) and I want to be able to practice drumming at home (at this moment all I have is a pad).
So recently I heard of Freedrum (a thing that you put on your sticks that tracks their movement and sends MIDI signals to emit sound), so I thought I could buy their kit and a used drum pad set (like Go Anywhere), plus they are cool. On the other side, I could buy a used, good old and trusted Alesis Nitro for about the same money (or some other kit).free netflix tech news
What are your thoughts? What is better to buy? I’ve been learning drums with a teacher for about a year.

Hi there, Freedrum is way different than a normal drum kit. If you are learning with a teacher and you have the room to place a drum kit, I guess is better to buy the alesis kit. And don’t get me wrong guys I love Freedrum but as soon as the drifting start to happen it make it almost unplayable. I hope they fix this with the new update.

For a truly portable, fun, but fairly realistic playing experience you can’t go past nor compare Freedrum to anything on the market. With a good set of headphones or speaker it sounds great too. You can practice almost anywhere, and change your drumkit sounds with a click of a button (GarageBand or similar). Of course your drumming style will be slightly different to hitting a real drumkit, but with a bit of practice, for me drifting is a non issue. For learning rudimentals, or playing along to your favourite acoustic songs, Freedrum is perfect. With a limited budget it’s a tough choice to pick only one, but main deciding factor will be where you want to play…one spot or anywhere.

I recommend freedrum to experienced drummers.
If you are going through basic level yet(about a year?), Alesis is the right choice for you.

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Hi there, Freedrum is way different than a normal drum kit.

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We totally agree with you. We haven’t set out to replace a drum kit, but to compliment it with features like MIDI output and triggering of samples in DAWs.

Hey Shawna!

We do as well, but they must keep in mind it does not play 100% to how a real drum kit plays. We have seen some great artists like this example here: Oleksii is a Legend.