Compatibility with Samsung J6?


Hi community,
have you tried the kit with Android 8.0.0 in a Samsung J6 ?

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The only difference we can see for this phone is it uses AD2P vs APTx which is two different standards for processing Bluetooth audio. AD2P is more likely to cause audio latency so, it could have latency when playing.


Thanks !!
So, is it a Hw restriction ? Or … is it possible to solve by installing another Sw driver ?


It looks to be hardware. We have not come to the conclusion unfortunately. If we were to check every available Android device we would turn into a Android device support company.


Thanks a lot Seyran for your response.
It makes sense due to the amount of Android flavors and devices.

I will think about it …

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Just FYI,
for Samsung J6 (SM-J600FN) … after testing …

Latency : 50 ms
Buffer size : 240
Sample rate : 48k Hz
Android : v9 (2019)

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