Configuration in Windows with DAW


First of all, congratulations on your product.

It would be great if you could publish a guide to configure the DAW software part on windows. I have read your guide, but I get lost in the last part when I have to configure the DAW program to use it. I have no experience in this kind of programs and most of the terms used there are confusing to me.

An example with an open-source DAW software would be great.

Thank you



Hey G,

We agree! We are are in the final stages of moving our website over to a new platform. In doing so the setup pages are being worked on and updated. We have seen a big push for step by steps in app/programs Freedrum works with.

Please let us know of any DAWs you use and we can add it to the list of compatible programs with Freedrum.


Hi, yes!
I agree with Mr. G.
I have basically no problem getting Freedrum fired up, connected to Bluetooth, sounding great.
I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to get it to show up, make sound, do anything really in Reaper or Acid-pro etc… I’m not very computer savvy so a dumbed down version of how to get it ‘studio ready’ or “jam out ready” would be SUPER HELPFUL.
Freedrum rocks, thank you all!

Best regards, Jefe