Confusing the Sensors


Hello Together,

because of using various Software-Suits on different operating systems (iOS, OS X and Windows 10) around different functions (set changes, mobile use of Freedrums, etc. ), the behaviour appeared with me that a sensor flashed blue twice and then red once. As a result the connection was interrupted over and over again, as soon as the sensor flashed red.

I carried out the following steps to repair the behaviour:

  • Reboot of the sensor, by pressing the LED-button for approx. 5 seconds and it become the quick blue sparkling. (without success).
  • Hard-Reboott of the sensor, by pressing the LED-button more than 10 seconds and it become solid red lights (without success).
  • Firmware update, by holding the LED-button until the solid yellow lights started. After end of the Firmware update, the behaviour appeared furthermore (twice blue sparkling, then once red sparkling).
  • I switched off the sensor for approx. 5 minutes, closed meanwhile all Bluetooth connections and the sensorware App. Then i switched on Bluetooth on my iPhone and started the Sensorware App.
  • After a connecting phase a little bit longer then usual, the sensor was operational again.

My supposition is that, if several Bluetooth connections are at the same time available and the respective device was already connected with the sensors, they cannot decide anymore which connection they want to be based. As result the sensors are confused and flash as on top described

As a preventive measure I can only presume that more than two for the Freedrum-Sensors already known devices should never have switched on their Bluetooth-Connection at the same time.

Maybe a Freedrum-team member can more exactly explain this behaviour or has moreover his own opinion. Provided that here really a bug is given, I have helped with pleasure and hope that this subject finds place in an upcoming firmware update.

Best Greetings

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