Crash and hi hat problems


Is it just me or do others also experience problems with the crash and hi hat area while playing. Sensors perfectly distinguish these areas after calibrating, but shortly after that, crash and hi hat get messed up and these areas somehow drift… other areas stay mostly fine…
Using iphone 6s


I do agree here. I often experience this when I’m playing to a track. But you’re right, just when you think you know where the high hat is, think again about a minute later, it becomes a crash cymbal and I find myself hitting lower and lower each time to find the hi hat (until I get carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist). Hopefully the devs are aware of this issue and can fix). But I feel your pain dude :slight_smile: you are not alone…


Haha yes to the carpal tunnel syndrom :joy:


Yep! It’s a problem with how you naturally play the high hat. We’re used to playing at an upward angle because that’s how drums work lol. They’ve made it equal to the angle of the snare which makes playing awkward. Apparently they’re going to update that issue down the road


Hi there, I experience the same issue. I think it has to do with playing to hard, and the further down the sensor goes in the movement of the stick, the further down the hihat gets moved.

I have the same problem with the snare drum. It moves lower and lower when after a few beats I mostly hit the top tom because the entire set is tilting down. I almost have to hit myself in the groin to get the snare sound I am looking for…

Hopefully they will find a fix for this!


They have already solved this in v7


Did the V7 firmware solve this issue ?


Not really, I recieved my Freedrum last week and I’m having the same problem. Usually, I’m calibrating the left drumstick near my waist and the right drumstick a little bit upper, but this isn’t sove the problem, just make the experience a little bit better.


Excuse me for asking and please don’t misunderstand me, but have you already updated your sensors to V7?
What kind of device and operating system do you use (iOS, macOS, Android, Windows)?
Do you follow the instructions of Phillip (see below)?


I still have thhis problem … and its pretty annoying! Just received my kit


I got the same problem too. I’ve received my Freedrum kit last week. I’m on an iPad Air 2 and on Sensorware V7 .

I’ve this problem when I’m playing with my IPad or on Windows 10. My Hi Hat and my Crash are always getting lower, and lower, and lower again.

I’ve to recalibrate every 2 minutes (litteraly). It’s pretty annoying :frowning:


WHEN are you guys going to fix the insane problem of the crash too close to the hi hat???

side note: thanks for the open hi hat :smile:


Just got my kit today. Set up seemed pretty straight forward. I’m starting out using GarageBand, but I don’t really like the set up. I seem to be unable to play hihat. It’s a crash. I play the ride. Floor tom. Sometimes the snare is a kick !!! Frustrating. I don’t want to relearn how to play drums. Just practice. Any suggestions?


Hello Marty,

Please send us a email over at so we can better assist you.


Any news on this?
I’ve just update the sensor’s firmware but the issue doesn’t seem to be solved.
The fix seems to be quite hard :frowning:
Any tips to avoid that the hi-hat sounds like a crash once every other?


This problem is really annoying. I am finding it impossible to prevent the crash from triggering. The Hi Hat stick is busy. It is not possible or healthy to try to play the hat at a downward angle. Could well damage the wrist. The Crash needs to be moved. Please sort this out quickly Freedrum developers. As it stands this product is unusable IMO. DD


Hello Dan,

We know of this and are working on a fix. Once we have an update we will push it out to the forum for testing.


Just wondering, is there a way to avoid not to play in a very low manner the 1st level of pads ?
With V9 … still … it is confuse for example to distinguish HitHat Vs Crash !!

Why not an add-hoc calibration in order to differentiate the 2 levels of pads ?
Thanks in advance !!



Until now I am still facing that kind of problem (crash and hi-hat). Hope the problem can be fixed.


The issue still persist since the last time I check weeks ago, was this ever gonna be solved with new updates?