Cross Stick/Rim Click on Freedrum App needed

In garagband I get the cross stick/rim click by twisting the snare drum sensor the same way with the open hihat. But on the Freedum app I can’t do that. Please can the freedrum team enable that in the freedum app. Would be a very good addition.


We can help you with that. Either disconnect and reconnect the sensors and resend the configuration or restart the app.

Those steps should fix this for you.

Let us know if you are still having issues.

Thanks…I am getting the soft snare sound when you twist the snare sensor but what I am talking about is the click sound you get when the sticks are hit on the metal rim…You use that at the beginning of songs…more like hitting the circular metal of a snare.

We are only able to have one sound with the twist at this time, but it is something we can add in a future update. We are planning more when it comes to customising the kit so this is great feedback from your side.

I will forward it to the team. :slight_smile:

Almost the same thing here but than in Win 10 i have the rim shot by twisting the sensor on the drumstick ,but what i dont have is when i lift my feet i dont have a open hihat like ypu have in the freedrum app .
But that can be maybe because one of the sensors wont work in Win 10 , in freedrum no problem all 4 works.

Open hi-hat will only work within our app at this time. Some features are only going to be limited to our app because of how we develop it.


Il noticed this the first time I used GarageBand too.
What would be practical is to be able to twist the left sensor to the right. You see what I mean ? To twist is to the opposite way. Because it’s the way you do it on a real rim (for right-handed drummers obviously).


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Thank you for the feedback! We will add this to the list!