Different signals in same position


Hi, in the center / high position (TomTom) my sensors send different signals (showing the same color) , to garageband on the mac as well as on the iPhone with the updated sensorware v.6.
This sounds a bit strange. What can i do ?


Did you accidentally put one sensor as left/right handed?


I would say, no , but i resetted both sensors to be sure, but they send still different Midi-codes, as to be seen and heard in Garageband . Now i have three kind of Toms : two in the middle sector (with the different sensors) and one even lower (as before) on the left (same for both sensors) !


Behavior in the other sectors is as it should be .


Problem solved by fooling around a little with switch"Left handed Drumkit" . Finally i got all sensors reacting as they should. Thanx!