Disable Drift Option

Hi There. I am new to Freedrum. I think I’ve mostly gotten the hang of them, but it appears this drifting issue is impacting me as well. I see from reading the forums that you are working on improving the algorithm, but I would like to respectfully request a feature to enable and disable drift correction. As a long time drummer I am used to correcting myself if I miss a drum. If I drift on a real kit, I’m going to miss and need to correct myself. While is it a curiously interesting technology and I see the reasoning behind it, I think the experience of playing without the drift may suit me much better and force me to improve my FreeDrum technique rather than it correcting to my behavior. Thank you.



Freedrum is using gyro’s to keep track of the orientation. Gyro drift + impact drift would unfortunately make them useless if we turn the algorithm off. We are however right now looking into optimizing the algorithms to make it drift less or not at all.

Thanks for your response. I look forward to a future update correcting the issue. Thank you.


Thxs Fredrik. Could you tell us when do u expect to get the update ready? After 6 months playing freedrum I find impossible to end a song without reseting the sensors once, twice or more times. This is a major problem. Thxs again

As I know position correcting of 6 axis sensor has been a long painful homework for most developers.
Human movement sensor technology like freedrum needs to consider many factors like temperature, speed, impact, electric-magnetic condition and so on.
I still doubt that the 6 axis sensor of freedrum could be free from the issue of drift with just a firmware update, and at the same time I believe the devs team would make something different beyond my guess.

However, freedrum indeed brought a significant progress on my drumming.
I cannot deny the fact that freedrum increase my actual drum practice time.
With freedrum I could explore new rhythm I never heard before at my work place watching Youtube.
In spite of many issues I believe freedrum has enough value in itself.

I wish devs team would try a new 9 axis sensor and it is no doubt they are pricey though.

Hi @Fredrik and rest of the team. For me v9 update it has also been disappointing. I appreciate all the effort and I know it shouldn’t be easy. But, after all the waiting and a part from all the new good features, the only serious problem about freedrum, and the only one isn’t making this product one of the greatest in music tech history, still not solved in v9: DRIFTING.

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Drifting is a hard nut to crack. But we have been working on it for a while together with alternative styles of playing. Still not quite there yet though! :slight_smile:

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