Do we really need a 3d model?

I can’t stop thinking that freedrum app performance could be improved if we didn’t had the 3d model using battery and resources.

90 percent of the time im not paying attention to the phone and i don’t like my screen to be on (to save battery)

Does anyone else think a 3d drum set is really necessary?
Will removing it improve battery life?

The concept is great, and maybe with full blown VR or streaming to large screen the playing experience would be enhanced. However I do not use the Freedrum app, but rather GarageBand due to the selection of drum kits and better sounds, also with less latency.
Hence, I look forward to enhancements in Sensorware or more tools within Freedrum app before I start using it instead of GarageBand.
I think the visual development should come after improvements to the sound, and actual drumming experience (eg improve lifting high hat pedal, and high hat positioning)
Ideally an iOS tool for position configuration is my next wish so I can try more than 6 drum positions.


We are working on performance of the Freedrum app now. We agree though and are working on adding more functionality as well as kits to the app.