Does Freedrum company still exist?


Products out of stock, we did not have more news and posts in social networks, without new comments here in the forum. Did something happen?


We’re still around :slight_smile: apologies for the silence! We’re making some internal changes that should be done by the end of next week. So we hope to be back and running in force soon after with stock, updates, the works!


:+1:t2: good to hear…


And now?


Bad news… We had serious doubts until few weeks :frowning_face:

It’s sad, freedrum is a good product :cry:


Rest assured Freedrum is alive and kicking. We will be continuing our work under a new company.


I think there is a huge problem in communication and story-telling of thist company.

First, we have to wait for months to have decent updates. Then you say that Freedrum allows to play on a real drumkit, which is false, the product has been designed for air-drumming.

And now we are left without any news for a while, and WE have to found by OURSELVES that freedrum is insolvent.


Hey Yoriko,

It has been a messy few months with the launch of the new app and the news you heard about the company. We can say that we are back now and available for support and information. We will be reopening the forum soon and opened sales up once again.

We just released an update for the apps that should fix some connection/bugs we had in the 2.0 release. Please download the updates and let us know if you need any support!