Does freedrum work with the OnePlus 6?


Can anyone help regarding this? My sensors aren’t working properly with the OnePlus 6. Hardly detects one hit out of 10. Is it just me? Do I need to reinstall the sensors’ firmware?



We have released a beta for our Freedrum app on Android. Here is the link:

Try this out and let us know if you are able to better connect to this versus sensorware.


Still the same. This problem is with both the old sensorware app and with the Android beta



Are the sensors correctly on the sticks? The button should be facing you and not away from you. That could be the issue.

Are you able to email us a video of you playing to our support channel?


I’ve used the Sensors several times before with a friend’s MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Works flawlessly there. But since all I own is my Android device, I can’t manage to use them.

The sensors are always facing me. They are calibrated correctly and the foot sensors are set as foot sensors. It was already performing rather badly but got much worse on Android after the update that came out for the sensors via sensorware.


I owned a Moto X Pure earlier and just recently switched to the One Plus 6 about 2 weeks ago.

Didn’t work well with the Moto X then and is now considerably worse with the OnePlus.


Have you tried the new beta we released? It should work better on your One Plus 6. Can we send it to your email address on file here?


Tried the beta of the new app. Doesn’t work. At one point only the kick drum sensors worked, but after a few mins (and an app restart later) even those stopped working properly.
Latency is atrocious. Reinstalled firmware on the stick sensors (after pressing the buttons until the color went yellow) didn’t help. Do I seriously have to get an Apple product just to get this to run properly? This is incredibly frustrating considering I’ve been waiting a year for this to work properly on Android.



The app is still in beta for Android and we are gathering as much feedback as possible. Thank you for reaching out to us. We now have a OnePlus 6 in the office so we tested it ourselves.

We were able to connect easily but experienced a bit of latency which was corrected by restarting the device. What we did notice was we were unable to connect headphones to the device if bluetooth was enabled. That is something we couldn’t figure out. Do you have the same issue on your device?

One thing we would recommend is to delete the app and redownload it. You won’t need to reinstall the firmware since it has the latest firmware available.

Let us know if this helped.


Updated the old app. Reinstalled the beta app again. Updated all sensors to v8. Disconnected all other Bluetooth devices (smartwatch, earphones). Tried to run in the old app, wasn’t even responding. Disconnected sensors and connected in the beta app. Barely one response out of 20 tries. (And that too in a different direction). Unpaired. Reinstalled the beta app again. Restarted my phone. Connected again, still nothing. I wouldn’t even call this delay. It’s not working at all. What should I do?

My phone is the OP6 (256gb/8gb RAM variant)



We are sorry to hear you are having these issues with the app. We can try and see what is happening.

We are using the exact same phone in the office, but haven’t been able to recreate the issue. The only time we see this issue is if the phone is in Portrait mode when starting up we found a bug. Make sure to start up the app while the phone is in landscape mode.

What do you mean by wasn’t even responding? Does the app open at all?
If the app is opening are you able to see the sensors in the connections window?


The sensors connect. The lights change according to regions. But the hits don’t register at all. Maybe one hit in 25 and that too in the upward direction, not downward.
The app does crash sometimes but starts.
If I tap the kit on the screen I get sounds.
But not by using the sensors
The kit on the screen lights up with only the Halo indicating which region the sensors are in. But the light for the strike doesn’t show. Only on the random hit that connects in a direction it’s not supposed to. And even if I try to strike again upwards instead of downwards, it doesn’t register the hit.
The issue never happened with a Mac. Which I don’t own.


Sounds like the sensors are wrong way up.
Are the lights definitely at the bottom closest to your hands? Seems obvious but maybe something you’ve missed?
I get similar results to what you describe if I flip the stick and have the light closer to the tip.
Just a thought.


I’ve used the sensors several times with Apple devices. Works perfectly.
The sensors are right side up. And the lights are towards the bottom of the stick.


Hey !

It does sound like the sensors are upside down from what Robin also mentioned. The sensors should be facing in the direction they are in the GIF attached.



No problem.
Seemed too obvious but worth checking.
You never know.

Good luck. Sure you’ll get to the bottom of it.
If you haven’t already sent videos to the Freedrum team, would suggest this extra detail might help them resolve.