Does not recognize the rim snare and the open hi-hat

my freedrum didn’t recognize the rim snare area, so I updated the firmware on my smartphone’s sensorware. However, when I went to connect again after the update, in addition to the rim area, now it doesn’t recognize the open hi-hat. :cansaço: I try to update again by pressing the button until it turns yellow, but it returns the same way, without the rim and hi-hat area open.:cansaço:

Note: I’m using freedrum on Windows 10 PC, with Sensorware (PC) + Reaper + Korg BLE-MIDI driver + MT Power Drumkit 2, as per tutorial ( to-freedrum-on-windows-10-with-reaper / 255).

Hello jsj23,

When it comes to the twist gestures it is recommended to be used while playing in the Freedrum app. Some of the features may work in Reaper, but they are not guaranteed to work in another program or app.

Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.