Drifting instruments



I still have problems with drifting instruments.
As long as I play in the lower level it doesn’t drift.
But if I play the Hi-Tom all the time in the middle on the higher level for example, the instrument changes after a short time. I am using an IPad Pro and have installed the latest software.

What am I doing wrong?


You might inadvertently have more zones on the top layer than you think. I have 4 zones top and 3 bottom, and use GarageBand.
This works well for me but I’m not hitting the hi-Tom in the centre. Hi and mid-Tom are just either side of centre. Maybe this is the same for you?
I would re-configure zones in Freedrum App, with the correct drum type. Remember TICK button to transmit properly. Then close down completely and open GarageBand (otherwise you hear both apps playing).
Just a thought.