Drifting stopped


Stopping drifting is really easy once you put into practice… technique… I have played drums for over 45 years and so am able to play with ease and be totally creative, no matter what style of music and speed. BUT…playing Freedrums required a totally different approach . I found as the Freedrum advise tells us , to keep your snare drum sticks straight when playing over the snare , To point them straight ahead of you as the tutorial tells us. Dont start angling them.At first this was really strange and easy to end up angling sticks as on an accoustic kit without realising. When i did, the drums drifted…So what i did was simple…The technique i used to train myself is the same as any instrument one wants to play correctly. I should know as i play Drums…Guitar ( including Classically trained), clarinet, Tenor sax, congas, Blues harp…you get the gist…In all instruments i had to adjust to a new technique of playing…Freedrums is no different…What i did is easy, but you need to practice correctly. This is what i did…First…dont try and practice ( at first) for hours struggling to get it right…It wont help you…Second…Play slowly with hitting drums ( all) at the right angle , as in Freedrum angle demo…Simple as possible…Like a new learner of drums…If you are hitting all drums and cymbols etc to play correctly without drifting after say 30 mins, walk away…Do not play till next day…Your brain will register what you did over night…Trust me it does…Next day start again , keep it simple…30 mins.
Keep those snare drum sticks over snare straight …Do this every day for 30 mins only for as long as it takes and suddenly you will see it becomes natural and drifting disappears…It took me around 5 hours to train my brain with the new way of playing these drums…Now it is natural…You may be quicker or longer BUT slow practice every day in short intervals actually help you learn and be able to play better quicker…Trust me it really works…A correct technique played slowly is faster than a bad one done quickly. I now play for hours without having to correct the stick angle , and thats with a live band…Happy drumming…


Hey! Thank you for the post. We love hearing how experienced drummers use Freedrum compared to a traditional drum kit.

We agree that with practice the experience improves. To be honest we have to go out of our way to find a “drift”.