Drumistic (competition?)


what can you say about this? :sweat_smile: :scream: :scream:


Hello Justsilec,

We have ordered a kit. :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to it. Drumistic may look similar, but they are providing a different service. You need to hit the sticks against a drum pad versus Freedrum where you are drumming in the air.


can you also give us what you think about it when you receive the product? please? :smiley:


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Ill bet my bottom dollar this one doesnt have an annoying drift between the hi hat and the cymbal. Its coming up to freedrums birthday and this STILL hasnt been fixed. Making it more and more believable that it CANNOT BE FIXED!


I was thinking this :confused:

Come on freedrum!

Mine are just sitting there getting dusty until this issue is resolved and I feel bad about selling it to anyone because I feel like I am conning them into buying a broken product.


Im the exact same. I get them out every now and again. But as soon as that hihat starts to drift (after a minute or so) ive pretty much lost interest. Either my wrist starts to hurt or i get tired of resetting them, oy formit to happen again about 1 minute later… They didnt show us this issue during the demonstration upon release and its obvious why (as they clearly knew it was gonna be an issue)… I feel cheated, £200 down the drain unless it gets fixed… But i guess thats business.


I really hope someone from freedrum sees this…


I’m sure they check posts and they will return to this post. hoping Freedrums will be better than Drumistic.


I agree with everyone here.
I’m new to drumming, Getting better at it.
I don’t want to give up. Don’t have access to a drum set. Don’t want to buy one either.
Freedrum is the ideal solution if it works as advertised.

I understand that Freedrum can’t be perfect. However;

  1. As customers we’ve made an on time financial commitment.
  2. Freedrum has to make an on time performance commitment. It’s been too long since this issue has been reported and not fixed.
  3. Other products are appearing with more sophisticated features at the same price level.
  4. Customers are getting tired, as a user community we don’t need negative publicity. Freedrum as a company does not need negative publicity.

Make sure you have a solid update that fixes this issue as soon as possible, i.e. not months or weeks, but days.

Thank you for giving us a chance to follow our passion,


Couldnt of put this better myself!


My Freedrums got tossed into the garbage about 6 months ago. The drift problem cannot be fixed due to the nature of the gyroscopes used. Freedrum without drift would require far more expensive gyroscopes.

After looking at Senstroke (the former Drumistic), I’m very skeptical that the drift problem will be any better. Senstroke is limited to playing angle in 2D and must strike a surface, not just the air. I’d be fine with those limitations if there were users reporting their experience so that I could ask about drift, but there’s very little activiity at the Senstroke forum. I’ll try anything if it’s not too expensive, but this great idea for drumming just looks like a total fail without better–and probably too expensive–technology.


I would not say that having to play on a surface is a limit. I prefer to have real sensations, it is easier to play on a pillow or some random stuff than in the air.
But maybe you can the question on their forum ? Perhaps people report their experience on other place


To be honest I would not mind experiencing this “drifting”, ever since I have got this pile of **** I have never got it to work at all.

I have a top of the range windows 10 laptop, a desktop and a Samsung S8 and still can’t get anything to work.

If anyone has found a way to actually play this Playstation knock off on Windows or on an S8 I would love to hear.


Freedrum or Senstroke ?
I have a Honor, not the best phone around, but I can play with both. Maybe I can help you ?