Drumistic (competition?)


That’s interesting. I had read about setting the kit left or right handed but I discovered when looking closer that the instructions for Android talk about configuring this setting in the Sensorware app but it is not mentioned in the IOS instructions. I have IOS devices. Also I have confirmed that it is not in the IOS version of Sensorware. I wonder what’s up with that. Now that I have thought about it I don’t see the need to set right or left handed. You can place any drum in any location so you place the high hat on the right and the kick on the left, etc. Maybe something unique to Android?

I would love for it to be something I am doing so I can fix these things but it is looking less and less likely. I keep coming back to the issue that each of the sensors have a fairly different behavior even though they are all currently set as stick sensors. On top of that, there is a definite randomness on top of that. Frustrating!


You’re right. Checked and with V9 iOS there is no left or right anymore as you can configure all drums in the Freedrum app.
You sure all sensors are up to date on V9?
As I say, no problem for me on Sensorware and Garageband iOS. Anyhow, email support with all the details, videos etc and they should be able to help.


Thanks, yes all the sensors are up to date. Even did it twice on some. I have direct email contact with a key person at Freedrum. Just waiting for a response on Monday.