Easy Solution for Drum Drifting

Hey there FreeDrummers!

A quick and easy temporary fix that totally ends drum drifting…

Sticky Tape. Simply move the stick sensors to where they are comfortable for you and then “glue “ them to that position with tape.

For me, it has solved, actually 100% of the drifting problem.

Here is me playing all around the drums, with an accompanying picture to show the drumsticks taped.


Hi Pedrogorman, it sounds like you are one who thinks of solutions before frustration takes over. I have been playing in bands on Drums, congas, bongos, for 40 years and last 5 years on cajons. So I know what it is like to adjust to different instruments. I also play Tenor sax on gigs and sometimes I play the guitar ( rythym) Learnt on classical guitar finger style for 10 years .Clarinet was my first instrument as a teen and still play it, only drums is mainly what I allways play. Freedrums will be an interesting challenge as I ordered a set. Many must realise that all instruments need a different approach in order to be successful and this will be another one to master. Success only comes from practicing correct methods consistently…Interesting to see how I go…


The tape trick seems to work well for me too! I am new to the Freedrums, but so far they are being very functional for me. I am using DrumPerfect Pro as my sound generator.

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Hey There,

thanks a lot.
I will Check it as soon as the new App comes out and then will leave my Results here :blush: