Feature ideas if I may


Hi, I just started using freedrum yesterday so I am still very excited. Anyway I thought of three ideas of the same kind:

  1. Twisting the stick for open HiHat is very cool, but for some reason it works only with right hand (twiating left only) so it is impossible to use left hand with opening. If you could add the other direction for left hand will be awsome.

  2. I couldn’t find a way to rimshot on snare It is obvious that it is best to twist the stick for that.

  3. Twisting stick for ride could play the bell on the ride.


This topic is already mentioned over here:




Yeah. I advanced my opinion, but they already know it and we can use it soon. Ride bell also could be used I guess because Garageband already has the function.

I got used to open hihat with both hands practicing an hour.


I have the same ideas as Elad plus one more:

Hitting the Hi-tom and Mid-tom with both drumsticks.

Now only the left hand can play the Hi-tom and the the right hand can play the Mid-tom.

All others (crash, hi-hat, nare, ride and floor-tom) can be played with both drumsticks.