Firmware question FD1 V9 vs FD2 V9


So, I don’t know how I did this but some weeks ago I updated the sensors using sensorware on Android.

After update I could not believe this, I was able to open hi-hat just by twisting the stick.

I could get different sounds from the ride cymbal just by twisting the wrist/stick.

I could get different snare sounds too, so long story short the update kind of added some new very cool features.

Then I made some tests on my pc(Windows 10 with bluetooth), got back on my android, and now it’s crap.

The sensors are detected as ‘FD1 V9’ in Windows AND on Android(android 9) instead of ‘FD2 V9’(which was the name the sensors had when I had the cool features.

Since then, I can update the firmware, but it’s not correctly detected in Freedrum app on android. I can update all 4 sensors but as I just said, in the freedrum app they arent correctly detected and it says to update the firmware when I tap on a sensor(from the connections windows in the freedrum mobile app for android)

Any idea where I went wront?

Is it possible to update using windows sensorware?

Any idea what are and how to get the feature I mention back?

Thanks very much in advance for the help!


Finally figured it out :smiley:


Hey Chris! Can you let us know what you did to fix the issue you had? It could help for users in the future if it comes up again.

Happy to hear you got it fixed. :slight_smile:


Continuation: Turn On/Off Twist Open HighHat Feature