Firmware version problem


I have not really used the Freedom system since the latest firmware version was created. I know the sensors don’t need updating because it says I have the updated version. The sensors were working perfectly well before hand, now there is a big problem. When playing the snare, it only plays when I lift my hand up rather than down as before.
Could anyone help?
I use an iMac version macOS High Sierra 10.13.2


Hello s_casey.

Is the sensor on the stick correctly? The LED has to be facing you and the sensor has to be facing upwards on the stick.

Let us know so we can better assist you.


Yes, I’m doing exactly what I have been doing since I got the sensors. I actually tried to turn the sticks round to see what would happen but that just resulted with no sound.


Are you able to send us a video of what is happening to our support channel?

Thank you!