Fluctuating volume basedrum


When I use the sensorware app on my phone (Xperia X compact) in combination with spotify the volume of the basedrum is changing dependent on the intensity of using the sticks. The harder I play with the sticks the more the basedrum level is suppressed.
I use automatic volume levelling in spotify to have the right balance between spotify and sensorware volume. Maybe the spotify software levels the basedrum volume also…


Well I found out it depends on playing with sneakers on or not. Playing with sneakers on the footsensor volume is fluctuating a lot (calibrating all the time???). Playing with no sneakers just socks the volume level of the footsensor is much more stable :slight_smile:


This sounds really cool (the dual use of Spotify and FreeDrum sticks.
I have an iPhone (and sensor ware, of course).
What’s the setup to play along with a tune on Spotify?
Is it just Spotifym playing a tune, and GarageBand connected to the sensors?
Balance between the two is an issue at first blush.


I use an android (8.0) phone sony x compact and Sensorware. Start Sensorware, connect sticks , start Spotify. Switch back to Sensorware. Spotify continues playing and you play along