Foot drums option for guitarist



I am a guitar player. Some of us are eager to play drums with feet only while playing guitar. At least kick, snare, hithat. There are no electronic solutions, light, transportable, no extra cables and tiny. Here are some illustrations of what could be possible :


Some ideas :

  • Tapping with the sole or the heel triggers a different drum
  • Using pad if needed instead of strokes sensors devices

There is an open market for you in this area.

I can test any prototype if needed.

Best regards


Hello! We are gathering feedback and I have forwarded this to the team to reach out to you. :slight_smile:


Hey FrenchEric,
Freedrum out of the box could be your solution with a little practice. Here is my 5min attempt of air guitar, whilst playing a beat. I’ll give it a try on my guitar soon and see how it goes.
Right foot, set as standard base drum.
Left foot, set as normal stick sensor, in this case using as snare.
Right hand, using foot sensor strap (bigger elastic strap) around my right strumming hand. Set sensor direction straight ahead, then turn left to strumming position and strum whilst playing high-hats.
I’m sure there are other configurations you could come up with and make it your own.
Added functionality in the sensors is always welcome, or limiting some drums can also be done to avoid nuisance sounds whilst playing. I had right hand set as normal 7 piece, as you can tell right at the end of video.


Having a closer look at your video, the right foot movement is quite subtle. You can already play multiple sounds with your feet like your doing but maybe not that combo of actual base/snare, as you need to first set as foot sensor or hand, each having different sounds.
However the right base Tom does sound like a base drum, especially in GarageBand where you’ve got lots of options, some lower than others.
Here’s the Liverpool drumkit, just strapping both sensors to my feet, set as hand sensors. Playing between low Tom and snare on the right foot, and hats on the left.
Instead of keeping your foot straight and moving left and right, simply turn toes from left to right to switch between drums. Freedrum is all about the angles!!
There are plenty of options out of the box.
Super portable, great battery life, great connectivity (Eg GarageBand), plus a whole lot more!
Good luck.