Foot sensor for Mac-Garageband

how can i tell Garageband on the Mac, what sensor is supposed to be a foot sensor ?

Kind regards, Herrgausb


you have set it with Sensorware (iOS or android).

I’m talking about Mac-OS, where i’m using Audio/Midi-Setup to install the Sensors.But i don’t see a possibility, to tell the system, that this should be used as foot-sensor, so it will control the kick-drum

Yes, because you currently need sensorware, which is only available for iOS and android.


Right now we don’t have the option for setting up the sensors on either OS X or Windows. But you can follow this guide to setup your sensors.

It has been 8 months since this was posted. Is there a way to do this now? This is pretty important.

I’m also concern on this as I would like to use it to sync and use on GarageBand or Logic Pro.

You can use the Freedrum app on os x to configure as a foot sensor, and then just connect to logic/garageband.

Ok, thanks for the update.