Found Temporary Solution For Drifting [Ongoing]

Hey, FreeDrum and Fellow FreeDrum Fighters! Pedro here. Just to share a really simple, easy trick to stop drum drifting. It’s so simple, we tend to forget this kind of stuff. DISCLAIMER: it doesn’t FULLY solve the prob, but MASSIVELY HELPS.

Find a position along the sticks where you like the feel and weight of the sensors. Then get really good sticky tape, and tape them down to that position.

Pronto. I find this has helped by about 80%. Will be posting before and after video in next few days as soon as I have time.

Keep pounding them drums! Love to all!

Thanks a lot!
As I understand, I need to let freedrum hold tight to the stick not to move around.
I will try it.

Hey David, trust me, it really makes it all better…I even managed to play Zeppelin and Pumpkins songs with very few wrong hits…i’ll Be posting videos with other tips soon.

Have fun and speak soon!

Here’s me playing with the sensors held with tape, so u can hear difference

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Hey Pedro!

Thanks for all the great feedback. We love it and keep the content coming. We would love to see how you play. The soundcloud clip was great.

Customer Experience Lead

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Hey, Seyran,

I think your invention is nothing short of amazing! Seriously, it’s the BEST gadget I’ve EVER tried. And the irony of it all is, when I started playing drums at twelve, I played air drums for two years before getting a real kit, which is why fills and paradiddles on air are easy for me.

Another tip I found maybe more people would read if it was published by you guys: for those who have IOS devices, the Classic Studio Kit on GarageBand makes the sticks sound like closed brushes, for those who are asking for brushes.

Just one question: have you guys updated the distance between the crash and the hi-hats in the last few days? It’s just that it feels different, for the better, and if it wasn’t you guys, then it must be the effect of having the sensors fixed with tape. Just curious.

So tonight, at around 11pm CET I should be posting my first live video jam, and will be sharing tips and techniques. I will post like here, and you have my absolute permission to use it in any way you want.

Keep up the amazing work, guys! You made my month!

Luv Yas!

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Hello Pedro,

Yes, in V8 we have increased the distance between the two. We now have a dedicated developer to all things firmware so updates should be rolling out more frequently. The tape idea is great and we are working on an alternative to the strap we currently have. Looking forward to your videos!
Thanks again! :slight_smile:


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I tested it. Yes, it works.
I can play longer and faster.
It is such a simple solution I could have found earlier than you since I knew a tiny amount of linear movement of sensor can cause the drifting integration error.
Well, I admit that you are indeed the Ronaldo of freedrum.

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Hey there David!

Well, that’s one hell of a compliment! Hah! The Ronaldo of Freedrum, thanks!

In honor of my new title I decided to approach what’s probably the hardest hat trick on this first version of Freedrum: see how long I could play 16th note hi-hat fills WITHOUT accidentally hitting the crash, and well…here it is!

Enjoy, and lemme hear some of your experiments if you’re up for it!

All the best!


Hey there Seyran

When is V8 coming out, any predictions?

v8 firmware for the sensors is already out.
You can definitely update with iOS Sensorware app, not sure about the windows Sensorware or Android but try. There should be a “check for updates” button.
If not maybe a friend has an iPhone just for the firmware update, then go back to your current connection method.
v8 definitely helps with the hats/crash.

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Wow, What a play!
Ronaldo never disappoints us!
I appreciate you have shown me beyond a limit of freedrum.


Am I only one who gives a testimony about Pedro’s taping tip?
It has been over a week since I taped my sensors.
Meanwhile I was un-taping and re-taping for the further research.
It does make things a lot better.

Before taping:
In case of wide move-hitting far left china cymbal after far right crash cymbal-most of time brought a drifting.
Rapid roll on toms also made cymbal scoot over.

After taping:
Seriously better!
I cannot render how much improvement with a numeric value.
I can go crazy without hesitation.
I can clear at least a couple of songs without reset.
I wanna say it is almost near to become a regular musical instrument.

However, vertical drifting between ha-hat and crash still remains.
It happens much less times, but can aggravate me enough especially when crash drops out (Crash! Where are you?).
Once again, Thanks to Pedro, and thanks to freedrum guys.


Haven’t tried tape as generally I haven’t had too many issues with standard setup.
Can imagine how much it will help when playing quickly or with more “emotion” (ie swinging harder).

Freedrum mentions they’re already looking into it, so imagine future casing for the sensor will have a rounded base to match the stick, maybe even with thin rubber layer for friction.
Elastic strap idea could probably stay.

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Yes this is something we are working on! :slight_smile:

We have also taken the taping method into account and are doing a bit of testing in the office. We want to look at the numbers and data we collect vs feeling you get.

Thank you so much David!

Check out my latest post…a full four minutes with very little glitches! My pleasure to help all you guys out!

Taping really helped, thanks!! :slight_smile:
Please share more tips & tricks if you have something else figured out! :slight_smile: