FREE drumless tracks for ALL!


To all freedrum lovers!

Below is a link to my spare onedrive account where I am currently uploading over 200 drumless tracks for your enjoyment. They are royalty free as far as i’m aware so feel free to download them as you please.

They are maybe not ALL to everybodies taste but i’m sure you can all find something you like in there.

Note: they are currently uploading as we speak and it seems to be uploading in alphabetical order, so the list should grow each time you visit it.

Probably best to get them from a pc and sync them to your phone.l, thats the only way I could think of on my iphone.



Thats amazing thanks a lot


Wow,thank you so much :grinning:


Nice one! Much appreciated.




lets see what i can do with this :- )


Thanks! These are awesome!!



WOW!!! There are even midi files!!
Exactly what I am looking for!!
Thanks a lot!!!


Thanks! Really awesome! I’d a few drumless tracks and would like to share also. Possible to add into your collection?


Great, thanks! I especially love the big selection of Dave Grohl songs (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, QOTSA)! Got some more of those? And maybe more (old) Godsmack?


Thanks! Now if I could get my damn Freedrum to work with ANYTHING on windows…I’ve followed the steps tirelessly for hours and I just can’t get connectivity to the MTdrum KIt…I can get it no problem on Android everything is connected bluetooth/sensor wise…I just can’t get that final hookup! I’m just a drummer so the ellaborate music software etc. is super overwhelming. I wish someone would create and app/program that includes the Sensorware the Music software and the Virtual kit and such all in one! I’ve had this kit for a year now and have yet to have a good productive jam session…Just dink around on my android (which is super awesome!) But, I’d like to be able to just turn on and hit start and make some sick a** beats that I can share with you all and my millions of (pretend) fans. LOL any help would be grately appreciated!


great post. this will be useful. thanks!


The link is not working anymore? If it’s possible, can anyone here share it on google drive? TIA


I suggest trying spotify, just type “drumless” in search and you will get plenty drumless songs to play by!