Freedrum app - left stick and left foot are reversed! [SOLVED]


I just got my full kit. I tried to calibrate all sensors, but I noticed that the left stick is reversed (I hit the crash and it sounds a ride, I hit the floor tom and it sounds a hihat). The interesting thing is that the app highlights the correct drum piece (for left stick), only the sound is wrong!!! Also the left foot acts like a right foot, so now I have two bass drum pedals.

I have the same problem both on iOS (iPad mini 2, latest OS) and Android (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 8.0 Oreo).

I hope you can find a solution!!! I want to play my Freedrums!!! :-))
(The right stick and foot work well.)


Hi Kovbenc,

Have you tried in the Sensorware app, for each sensor you can choose left or right handed.
Keep them all the same, I’m guessing right handed for typical setup. Then transfer the new settings. Change to one side, then back to make sure settings are transferred across.

For the foot sensor, if already playing base drum, (white light) sounds like already set up as foot sensors in Sensorware. You’ll notice as you turn your toes to the left, it will eventually turn yellow and control the hats pedal. Ie if set up as foot sensor it controls both pedals depending on where you point your foot. If you want as hat pedal, move further to the right and hold the calibrate button for a second. Then move back to comfortable position and it should now be yellow and controlling the hats.

Also depending on the DAW you’re using (GarageBand etc) in the Freedrum App you can change drumkit from left to right. Sounds more like a firmware setup issue as described above.
Keep in mind foot hat control not available in GarageBand.

If still not working then maybe a firmware reset. You can find some previous threads on this topic, or check Freedrum website Q&A.
Email support with full details of what you’ve tried if still stuck.


So, in the meantime I’ve found the solution… it was partly my mistake, partly the app config was a bit misleading. :slight_smile: I thought I have to configure the left and right sticks separately (stick + left, and stick + right), but now I understand that the left-right is only for the main drum config, meaning left-handed or right-handed. About the foot sensor: I realized I had to turn my left foot more to the left, so it would control the hi-hat pedal. Now it works almost perfect, aside from the sensors drifting away… I don’t know if there will be a solution ever, or we have to accept it and configure the center point from time to time… Anyway, my first impression is good, I think I will enjoy playing Freedrum! :slight_smile: