Freedrum bug (Android) and suggestion

Freedrum app on Android (8.0 on Galaxy S7 Edge) always freezes when I switch to the Samsung Music Player, and back… sometimes I’d like to go back and change the drumkit volume, but the app is frozen.


  • the sensors should be automatically connected, just like in Sensorware!!
  • there could be a direct button to jump to the volume setting page
  • when setting up the sensors, “right, left” should be “right handed, left handed”, because people might think they should choose “left” for the left stick and for the left foot sensor (that’s what I did at first, so they became left-handed - mirrored)
  • the sensor drifting is quite annoying sometimes… could you add more A.I. to the auto-calibration system? For example when I hit the hi-hat and the snare frequently (basic beat), the sensors could be re-calibrated automatically (???).
  • The distance between hi-hat and crash could be more, I hit the crash accidentally a lot… on the other hand, I often can’t find the crash when I want to hit it… :-/

I know there are limitations of the sensors, but I still hope the drifting will be less and the accuracy will be better with future updates :slight_smile:

Has someone read this yet?

Hello Kovbenc,

We are aware of the app being frozen on Android and are revamping the app as we speak now. With a big update being worked on across all platforms.

When it comes the configuration we are also changing that as well to be more clear on where to adjust settings and how to set the feet/sticks.

Drifting is ongoing as we are looking into a way to solve this. The best way to avoid it would be to play as tightly as possible in the zones and angles of the existing kits.

Please make sure you are updated to V8 through Sensorware. We fixed the distance between the hi-hat and crash.

We are making a big focus of 2019 to be more updates and for them to be available frequently. Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:
Yes, I have V8 sensors, and I try to keep the angles. I have some more suggestions though:

  1. The left and right sticks should be treated differently!! They are not parallel when I reset them, so they work with different angles. My right hand is tilted left when hitting the snare. For the hihat it doesn’t move left that much, but for the floor tom it goes all the way to the right! You know what I mean? :slight_smile: There could be a L/R (not left/righr handed, but left/right hand) setting for each stick, and some A.I. that would handle them the right way… :slight_smile:

  2. You should make lighter sticks, like Aerodrums! My wrist gets tired after a while, the lack of rebound makes it work much more. It would be even better if you could integrate the sensor inside the stick somehow, and balance the whole stick more evenly (or it could be slightly heavier towards the grip). :slight_smile:

  3. The two apps (Freedrum and Sensorware) have different drum sounds. It would be nice to be able to select/change sounds in each app. Btw, why do you need two separate apps?

+1 question: can we set up our own drumset (6-8-10 pieces) in the next update? :slight_smile:

Any thoughts from developers? :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’ve been busy for NAMM and they already mentioned there’ll be some updates there. Looking forward to what comes next.

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Yes, sure they have other things to do… :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the updates, too!!! :slight_smile: