Freedrum Compatibility


Over time we have made it easier to connect more and more devices to Freedrum. The biggest challenge for us is not being able to test every mobile, desktop or tablet available to make sure it is compatible. This is where our customers have done a great job to help us understand how well your device works with Freedrum.

We are writing now to get feedback from you our customers on the device you are using and if it experiences latency, connection issues, etc.

For the most part, we know most iOS devices from the iPhone 5S and above work very well. Our concern is more with Android devices and which ones meet the standards as compatible. So, please let us know what device, amount of sensors connected and if you experience latency.

  1. Device Name & Type - (Example Samsung - Galaxy Note 9)
  2. How many sensors you are connecting to said device. (Example 2 or 4)
  3. Latency or not?

if you are experiencing latency enough to ruin your playing then please send us a video of this at with the same 3 points above.

Thank you all for your time in advance.


Here is the list we will add to as we get information.


Xiaomi Mi8