Freedrum for an Average Drummer



Im an Average Drummer and Im considering to buy the Freedrum sticks.
Before I buy it I want to hear from others, average of profesional drummers, if it is worth buying?

Do you need any skills for the sticks or is it something that anyone can do?
What is the precision of the strokes on the drums?

Because if it is easy for people who have never played, I don’t know if I should buy it.

Thanks already for helping :smiley:


Hi Robbie,

Freedrum is definitely for everyone. I never learnt drums but did learn other instruments when younger. I’ve found response and feel to be very realistic and quite easy to learn. Sound is great, especially when connecting to a good speaker or good headphones. If you are somewhat tech savvy (Bluetooth connections etc) then should be easy to set up. I found no real problems on iOS, using the Sensorware app for Bluetooth to MIDI (basically connecting phone to Freedrum sensors), then use all the drum kits in the free GarageBand.
Things will get even better with the new Freedrum app they recently launched at NAMM, once released to public in the near future.
Highly recommend this product. Love it!


This was after playing on and off over the last year since I got Freedrums:


Guys like Lim and Asgvard obviously know how to play drums and they can really make these things sing!


The constant drifting (and recalibrating) during playing is still a problem, but hopefully the new app, firmware & A.I. will help… :slight_smile:

Why is it a problem for you if it’s easy to play Freedrum by a beginner? Or you just mistyped? :slight_smile:


No drifting during an intensive drumming like that??!! Not even sticky-taped sensors?? How did you do that, Robin?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Kovbenc,

Drifting issue was considerably reduced after V8 firmware on all sensors for me. Also practice of course, trying to keep to the required angles all the time. That song was a while ago so I feel now drifting is almost a non issue for most songs. Maybe towards the end the crash or ride has moved slightly, but workable. I actually did reset once in that video, which wasn’t a big issue as there happened to be a spot in the music to do so (bit like dropping a stick a suppose). And yes, was quite a fast song so there were maybe 1 or 2 crashes when I wasn’t expecting.

I do have elastic bands on the sensors now for even better stability, as I found when playing fast they tended to spin slightly on the stick, which you don’t notice unless you look down and adjust grip.
Maybe another tip is to calibrate the sensors in a natural slight inward direction rather than parallel and straight ahead. Ie get off to a good start.
I think as soon as your angles are slightly off, drifting will start to come in sooner than later.

Also at start try playing through the whole zone, and hear when the drum is at its loudest. That should be the middle. Stick to that angle.

I’m looking forward to 10 zones, rimshot (hopefully in next release) and improved foot action for lifting hats.


Very nice drummer!


How? for the love of god how??? Do you use OS iOS. I use windows/reaper/yada yada I CANNOT GET THE DARN THINGS TO WORK!!! HELP (android works fine but…)