Freedrum game?!?

I was playing beat saber at a friend and I thought that it would be nice if there was a game which I can play with my freedrum sticks. Maybe an idea for the guys from freedrum or an awesome game developer?


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I do like the idea.
It should be possible to use the midi values of FreeDrum to do this, it would certainly bring new life to the FreeDrum kit I have (that is now gathering dust because they are so inaccurate atm)


It’s very easy to configure FreeDrum to work with DTXMania.

Hey jamers!

Can you walk us through the setup? We would love to see how they play together. :slight_smile:

Hi jamers,

I guess you’ll need all 4 sensors for DTXMania? Or is it also posible with 2 sensors?

Well I’m playing using two sensors and standard USB Pedal button. But of course you can configure it to use 3/4 sensors if you like.

As of how to install and configure the software - it’s should be noticed that there are two (main) versions of DTXMania.
First is the “original” DTXMania (which simulates Japanese arcade game Drummania) and it can be downloaded from this place:
This site is in japanese language but has also “English Resource Center” - use the link on the left side of the website.

Second is a modification of DTXMania which is called DTXMania ver.K (simulator of Drummania XG/Gitadora). Here are the description of how to get it and how to install it:

Whichever version you choose you have to provide the so-called “simfiles” (audio + configuration of tracks) if you want to play :slight_smile: For it you have to do some internet hunting (just use codewords “dtxmania” and “simfiles” and “download” and than follow some reddit directions).

Configuring FreeDrum with DTXMania is really straightforward (I assume that your sensors are configured and working in Win10):

1.Run DTXMania
2.Choose Configuration/Drums/Input Options/
3.Choose whichever pad/cymbal you want
4.Choose any not used input (with “-” symbol).
5.Hit Enter than wave your first drumstick with Freedrum sensor (in the proper position for chosen pad/cymbal).
6.Repeat steps 4 and 5 for second drumstick.
7.Repeat steps 3-6 for all pads and cymbals
8.Optionally do the above configuration for Left and Right Pedal (assigning foot sensors to it) - it SHOULD work but I cannot check it because I have only two sensors.
9.Now play and have fun! :slight_smile:

Quick tips:
If your sensors are overreacting (DTXMania register multiple hits - you can experiment with threshold settings: Configuration/Drums/E-Drums option/*VelocityMin).
If the track seems to play by itself (you don’t hit anything but still proper hits are registering) you have to turn off Auto-Play (Configuration/Drums/Autoplay all -> OFF).

If you want to broaden you knowledge of original arcade games (Drummania/Drummania XG/Gitadora) here is the site with ton of information:

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This is a new project of mine, not connected to Freedrum really, but we just did a little demo of playing it with the sticks: