Freedrum just arrived, unable to see the two sensors within sensorware


Samsung S6 here with Android 7.0 kernel ver 9th august.

Although my phone can see the sensors and if ai try to manually pair them I can through OS, I do not see the sensors in Sensorware.
I tried everything, including rebooting the phone and turn everything off, still not joy…
Sensors seem to function as expected (at least the blue blinking tell me so!).

any suggestion?
Thanks in advance,
Umberto De Domenico


Hello, I also tried on IPAD and the IPAD does not even see the two sensors from the bluetooth settings… not sure if the make of these drumstick was meant to be delayed…let me know what I can do, otherwise I will need to send them back.



Can you please send me an email at so I can better assist you?

Thank you,