Freedrum New version

Thanks for your New applications.
I have been downloaded.
but the Sensorware have been HiHat

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Hi-Tom sound can hear well.
but the New version of the Freedrum can not hear the Hi -Tom sound only.
Several times have been tried for that.
want to hear your favorable reply.

Hello Chris,

Have you updated your sensors to V9 using Sensorware?
What device are you using with Freedrum?

Have you sent the configuration to update the kit to your sensors? To do that you need to press the drum icon twice and it will send the configuration.

Let us know if you are still having issues.

Hi Seyran,

What is the drum icon you mention? just to be sure: is it…

  • the uper right square button (that can also show a check mark), or

  • the individual drum in the drum kit?

Anyway, I will try it out… this procedure may add some precision. I am a new user and picked up my sensors just this weekend. So I figured out the practise hours need to do the rest.

Cheers, Ton

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I have been downloaded freedrum beta
as shown your upgrade version

Yes! You press the drum and then press it again when it is a check mark. This sends the configuration.

Once you are setup and playing it will take some practice but once you get the groove it is going to be a lot of fun.

Got the new freedrum 2 beta.
Upgraded firmware to v9.
Uzing Sony Xperia (g8141) on latest android 9.

App does not allow auto connection of sticks which is annoying and Bluetooth headphones are disabled? (still ok with sensorware)
Big problem is drift and location.
Totally unusable… Still…
Latency seems better though…

Freedrum still has a very long way to go before i can actually play some music with it.
The problem as i see it is that it’s far too sensitive.
A drumer should be relaxed, sure but I’m not anywhere near relaxed. This crudfy product stresses me out. its still as far as android goes. A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY…
Perhaps for apple it may be stable enough to make a 3 year old tgiggle but I’m afraid I’ve totally lost patience now wirh this worse than usless junk.
Please somebody send me a mesage when it works so the resurrection can begin.
Until then, im going to bury the sensors in the garden under the patio.

Downloaded and installed latest Sensorware and Freedrum for Android, trying to connect the sensors to Freedrum, and every time I hit Connections in the app Freedrum simply closes down and nothing happens. Yes, Bluetooth is activated, sensors are turned on. Help?

I’m afraid I feel more or less like you… keeping the angles, drifting makes me nervous. :frowning: I wanted to love Freedrum, but I think I will stay with Aerodrums for now. :frowning:

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What a pity indeed, just doesn’t work, and no-one to help. The most expensive pair of matchsticks ever!

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Sadly… but kudos to the guys for trying!!! :slight_smile:

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We released an update for Android, iOS and macOS today. We worked on the bug for the connections window that should fix the issue you had. Can you let us know if it works for you now?

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Hi. I decided to give it another try after more than a year. Installed Sensorware again. Installed Freedrum again. Doesn’t work. I bought the sticks in 2017 and still cannot use them. Maybe I am just too stupid? NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN I OPEN THE FREEDRUM APP, I am still staring at a blank screen.

Hello Jens,

Are you using Android? If so, please make sure it is not the beta version of the app. If it is then you get that blank screen in the app.

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Hi, I have several times deinstalled the app, left the beta tester version, and reinstalled, still, I am staring at a blank screen.

Any new version with new features to come ?

13 days without any answer … like the updates :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

Will there be upcoming updates with new features or Freedrum 1 is just dead from here?

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We are working hard on the software/hardware for Freedrum 2 with the hopes to incorporate Freedrum 1 in the same app.

We can not promise features will move to be backwards compatible since the sensors will be working differently this time around. The hope is that some functionality can cross over.